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E-mobility made simple

Optimize your electric vehicles' charging and its costs, and ensure your fleet is available when you need it. With our software, we will simplify your transition to electromobility and help you enjoy its benefits.

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Cost Efficiency

Manage your charging processes to lower costs and extend your vehicles' battery life.
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More Uptime

Charged vehicles when you need them, and chargers available at the right time.
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Measure to Act

Analyze your fleet's performance, reduce your carbon footprint, and manage clients.


All your operation in one place

Real-time information of your stations and chargers: status, availability and power usage.

Remote configuration of every connector: maximum battery level (SoC), soft and hard reset.

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Every transaction under control

Track individual charging sessions: start and end times, energy consumption, user and charging costs.

Manage each transaction: remote start and stop, user-level permissions.


Your power under control

Balance power demand in every station and connector by hour.

Avoid higher cost hours and ensure a greener supply.

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Reports that will empower your decisions 

All the information about your chargers and their use.

Customized reports on your most important KPIs

Integration to external data sources.


Public charging made simple and reliable

Implement our white-label user app for public charging operation. Real-time charger availability, reservations, flexible pricing and in-app payments.

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¿Ready to implement your electromobility project?

E-mobility FAQ

What is a charging management software?

A charging management software for electromobility is a specialized application or platform that facilitates the management, monitoring, and control of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the charging process. It is designed to streamline the charging infrastructure operations for electric vehicles, providing various functionalities for charging station owners, operators, and EV drivers.

How does our software generate savings in your EV operation?

When applying software to your charging operation, you can manage all your assets in a more efficient way, which ends up in cost reduction.

But is not only about reducing energy use: our software also allows you to manage power demand by hour, which helps you avoid rush hours and thus higher energy costs.

And when considering CAPEX, our software avoids higher infraestructure investment and also helps you care for your vehicles' batteries.

What requirements must my chargers meet to be connected to the cloud?

Our software is hardware-agnosthic, which means we can connect any charger as long as it complies with the OCPP 1.6J standard (most do). At the present time, we've integrated more than 15 manufacturers.

How can you extend your vehicles' battery life?

Our software allows you to charge according to the battery manufacturer's instruction. Some common variables that affect the useful life of batteries (their State of Health - “SoH”) are the power (or speed) of charge, the maximum charge level and driving style. With our platform, you can set limits, cycles and other options, which will allow you to fully meet these demands.

Can I connect Enerlink Smart Charging to other software?

Of course! Our platform is designed to be easily integrated, and you just need someone who knows how to connect APIs. Likewise, you can extract the data to work on your preferred system.