Charge Point Operator's app

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Designed specifically for charge point operators, the Enerlink app facilitates charge points management, minimizing manual operation to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. Unleash the complete potential of your EV-charging operations today!

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Charge point user app


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Improved operation

Streamline your whole operation with a few clicks in one platform
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Better experience

Provide your users with a seamless charging process and payment
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Maximized profit

Higher availability, booking functionality, real time information

Functionalities for your customers


Chargers search map

All your chargers in one map that your customers can navigate and drive.

Real time information

Charger status, price, connector type and power.

Charger booking

Better and secure planning of charging transactions to avoid driver's frustration.

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Proceso de carga


Charging start and stop

All the charger operation directly from the app.

Real time information

Your customer can track it's charging session progress from anywhere.

Integrated payment

In-app payment solution (credit card) with leading payment providers

Live support

Integrate your own support channels or use our in-house support channel


Transactions record

Your users can easily check their transaction history.

Payment methods

Transparent management of the payment information.

Personal information

Your customer can edit and delete their information whenever they need.

Usuario y más

Functionalities for you


Customizable pricing at user level

Implement B2B contracts and user promotions.

Customizable pricing at charger level

You can set up prices based on kWh consumed or time spent charging, combined with factors like charger location, power and type.

Dynamic hour-based pricing

Compensate higher electricity costs and incentivize charger usage in off-peak hours.


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Gráfica Whitelabel app


Whitelabel solution

You can have your own app with your brand name, colors, logo and app store description.

A powerful software in the back

Enerlink's app is managed in our Smart Charging Software, which is included in your subscription.

EVX escritorio y app

Power control: adjust your charger's power by hour.

Remote operation: Check your charger's status and solve errors.

Data: Extract all your operation's information.

Integrations: Open API for easy integrations, and also works with most chargers and brands.

If you own a fleet... you can monitor your EV fleet in real time: position, SoC (State of Charge) and routes.

Ready to raise your charging game?

How do I manage my app?

Enerlink's app is managed through our own Smart Charging Software, which is included in every plan. Only the app admin and those who are added by him have access to the software.

Does the set up need a visit on site?

Our app is fully remote both in management and set up, so there's no need to visit your facilities. The only requeriments is that your chargers are connected to the internet, and that they have a OCPP 1.6 protocol (most chargers do).

Is it mandatory to have my own app?

No, you can choose whether we implement a whitelabel app for you, or adding your chargers to our native app.