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Get advice and lower your electric bill

Negotiate or renew your electric supply contracts with our advice and capture the benefits of lower generation costs, ensuring your supply from renewable energy sources.

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Less Expense

With the right advice, you can reduce your electric bill by 30% by getting the best electrical rates.
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More Time

We take care of all the negotiation and then the review of your monthly bill.
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Less Risk

We manage your supply contracts to achieve the lowest rate, and also certify you with renewable energy sources.

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"Enerlink es nuestro partner en temas de energía eléctrica"

La electricidad representa el 75% del gasto energético productivo de esta viña, y administrarla era complejo por las facturas y gestión de reclamos.

Conoce cómo nuestra asesoría permitió hacer de la migración a Cliente Libre una experiencia muy positiva y ahorrar un 25% en la factura.

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The best advice to negotiate your electric supply contracts as a Free Client


Switch to the Free Client rate

Check_green_icon.svgEvaluation:We sit and talk with you to understand your needs.

Check_green_icon.svgProcedures: We help you with all the procedures that must be carried out to start the migration.

Check_green_icon.svgInfrastructure: We analyze your infrastructure and take care of the necessary implementations.

Check_green_icon.svgRegulation: We make sure that you comply with all the obligations that the law requires of you as a free client.



The best price for your processes

Check_green_icon.svgBidding: we lead the negotiation in a competitive market of generators and marketers.

Check_green_icon.svgAlignment: We are only on the electricity consumer's side of the table (we do not act as brokers).

Check_green_icon.svgContract: We prepare your supply and toll contracts with the best practices and according to your real use case.

Check_green_icon.svgSupply: We get your energy from the source you want to choose: solar, wind, etc., and we help you obtain clean energy certificates for your processes.



Receive the benefits month after month

Check_green_icon.svgInvoice: We manage and audit your electricity bills, handling claims for incorrect charges and obtaining refunds.

Check_green_icon.svgFlexible collection: Our collection is a % of your savings, so incentives and cash flows are aligned.

Check_green_icon.svgRenegotiation: When the time is right, we will advise you again on the renewal of contracts.


With Enerlink's assessment, we managed to reduce our bill by 20% and also supply from solar energy. With the smart meters installation we were able to correctly manage and bill each client through the Enerlink software, delivering a renewable energy seal.

Want advice for your electric supply?

Free clients FAQs

What are the requirements to migrate to a free client regime?

In order to migrate from one rate regime to another, you must have a connected power between 500 kW and 5000 KW, you must have remained in the current regime for at least 4 years and you must give notice of the change 12 months in advance. These requirements are per grid-connection.

If I buy energy from a generation company, will I continue to be customer of the distribution company?

Yes, you will continue to be a customer of the distribution company, since it is obliged to provide the distribution service, regardless of whether you are a free or regulated customer. For the electricity distribution service you will pay distribution tolls, which are determined by law.

What will happen to the quality and security of electric supply?

The law requires that the distribution company provide the same safety conditions, quality of electrical service and quality of customer service to all its customers, regardless of whether they are free or regulated.