Manage your EV charging ecosystem the smart way

Enerlink is the leading platform to power your EV charging ecosystem. Our modular end-to-end solutions are built for organizations that want to take control of their charging ecosystem and achieve an efficient, connected and customer-centric operation. Are you one of them?

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Charge Management Software

Manage, control and optimize your electric fleet and chargers operation through a simple and centralized software.


Charging app

Charge point app

Set up and manage your charge points, reduce manual operation, and optimize efficiency for exceptional customer experiences.


Over 130 customers across Latin America

Organizations of different sectors and sizes choose our software solutions to manage their charging infrastructure, EV fleets and electrical assets to achieve efficiencies and provide a better client experience.

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Other solutions by Enerlink

Smart Metering

Connect your electric meters to the cloud, visualize electric consumption in real time and automatically generate electric bills for your tenants. You can also activate energy efficiency programs based in data.

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Energy Management

Rest easy on your electricity bills: at Enerlink we review your accounts and make sure that fares are correct. In addition, we procure your electricity supply contracts with the best prices and renewable energies.

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